Thursday, January 15, 2009


No sunspots today. You could say: I don't put the radio on. But I always do. Just in case. You never know. And there was my 47th DXCC country: EA6BH, Teo from Palma de Mallorca with SSB. And that's nice. This afternoon I tried BPSK31 again. So far I was not successful on my barefoot MW. Now I attached a wire to it so it was time to try again. And yes, for the first time two Russian stations came back to me on 20 meter, but because of QSB the QSO's didn't come to an end. So I went to 40 meter. Well, well, I worked a few stations. That's really fun. Thank you gentlemen. The stations are: OK1HAI, Alois from Lisov; OK1AYN, Vladislav from Trebon; HA1WQ, Laci (lost the QTH) and I1FLC, Luigi from Genova.
Tonight on 40 meter worked: 9A2AVW, UA3IFH, IKØGLP and YT1DL.

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