Wednesday, January 14, 2009

46 DXCC countries with the MW

Well, today I was lucky. I catch 9K2MU, Murtada from Safat, Kuwait on 20 meter SSB. He is my 46th DXCC country QRP. I also worked: 9A2ØØ9PO on 40 meter, on 20 meter EW6GF Andrei for the 5th time, IV9ZWA Mike from Favignana, Italy.

You know I have a Miracle Whip with a outside wire, hanging out of the window and a counterpoise connected to the FT817. That's the antenna condition here. I know some MW owners complain about the antenna. But what can one expect? It's a holiday antenna. Nice for vacation and so on. But it is for me the challenge what I can do with this set up. How can you be successful with a small antenna?

  1. Listen carefully on the band. Search up and down for a CQ call.
  2. When the CQ calling station is about S8 to S9 or more call him. A station below S5 will not be successful to catch.
  3. Do not call CQ yourself. You will have a sour throat after a while.
  4. The difference between 5 watt and 100 watt is 2 S-points. If the CQ calling station works 100 watt and peaks to S9 on your S-meter, you will be probably S5 to S6 on his S-meter.
  5. If the CQ calling station works 1 KW with a 4 el. Yagi search for another station because he will not hear you.
  6. Be patience...
  7. One QSO a day keeps the docter away. There are more things to do in life what makes life wonderful.
  8. Enjoy low power, and every contact is blissful and 1000 km or more is DX for us.
  9. And avoid QRO pile ups. You seldom come through.

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