Sunday, December 21, 2008

Very busy

It is weekend and very busy on 40 meters. A lot of loud Italian and Spanish stations. There was a contest going on. It's hard to find a noiseless part on 40. 20 meter was not that good for me. I worked only 1 station: EW6GF, Andre from Belarus and it was our second QSO. On 40 I worked DL2MDU Chris from Munich and DLØWWH Tom also from Munich. I6WJB Pier was a loud station on 40. And that's it for today. My children having Christmas vacation and because my transceiver is in the living room, it's hard to make a good QSO without background noise from the children. And TV also.

When the children are in bed, I tried 40 again. I had a QSO with YU7ZEX, Zex from Novi (our 2e QSO) and YU2MMA, Milos from Banja, Serbia. Milos tried hard to pick my signal out of the QRM. Thanks! My 34th DXCC country was UT1WR, Ukraine. It was a short QSO and unfortunately he was not in, so I don't know exactly what his name is en where he lives.

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