Monday, December 1, 2008

Strange conditions

This morning I tried to contact ON3DRM and several other Belgium stations, ON5KH, ON7TN and ON4CII on 80 meters with my Miracle Whip and piece of wire. Nope, they didn't hear me. It's known that the Miracle Whip isn't the antenna for 80 or 160 meter, though their signals were strong but with my antenna and qrp signal I wasn't able to contact them. So I switched to 40 meter and there was I2YYO George from Varese calling CQ. And yes, he heard me. So we made a QSO and he had no problem with my qrp signal. And that is nice. On 20 meters it was quiet. Almost no station to hear but, wham, there was VK3MO with a 5-9. And a big pile up too. But not for me... hi.

This afternoon I was happy to work EI7JN, Tony from Dublin on 40. He is my 25th DXCC country qrp.

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