Sunday, December 28, 2008

Keep it simple

In the seventies and eighties my attic was full of equipment. A lot of transceivers and receivers for all bands were available. One day I sold everything. I bought instruments and started making music. I did that for years. That was also a lot of fun. But the radio virus got me again. But now I keep it simple, a FT817 and a Miracle Whip and long wire. When I want to sit in the garden it’s possible. When I go with holidays I took the shack in my backpack. And still I work many countries with this equipment. No problem. OK, I didn’t come through in a big pile up. But what is the fun of big pile up? To wait for a long time and shouting and finally, when your successful, to work the station for 5 seconds. Your 59, QSL? That’s it. Is that really fun? Not for me, maybe... when I come through... hi. I like to chat with other amateurs all over the world about radio and the hobby. That is what I really like. Maybe it's because I'm older. I like to talk with other people, with no differences, no religion, no politics, but we share our passion, the good old radio, with each other. Isn't wonderful?

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