Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Short skip on 40

This morning there was a nice short skip on 40 meters. A lot of English stations on 40 meters with S9+. Also French and German stations were very loud. I prefer to work on 40 because there is a possibility for a real QSO. On twenty, nearby stations in Europe will work only outside Europe or the QSO is nothing more than giving a signal strength report. And outside Europe I can't reach them or there is a big pile-up going on. A bit of frustration. With my working condition, 5 Watt and a small antenna, I am glad with any QSO, you can imagine. So I worked on 40 meter: F9EW, Jack from nearby Paris; 2EØCON John from Boston, England; and GØTRB, Roger from Tamworth, England; On 20 meter: HA8LLK, Aty for the second time with a real strong signal. I have often a terrible local QRM on 20 meter. And I don't know where it is coming from. And when I am working on 40 meters I do have interference on my PC soundcard. So I have to turn down the PC.
In the afternoon I worked DM2AOC from Friedland, Germany on 40 meter. Also worked M3NFU Tony from Shildon on 40 m who gave me a 5-9 plus 10 db report. That's very nice!

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