Monday, July 26, 2021

About last night

Last night the spots were great again with WSPR. The Endfed antenna works well in the front yard. Or is it solar activity? Anyway, with my enfed antenna in the backyard I would never have managed to get so many spots from the USA and now even Canada with 200 mW. It could be coincidence of course. But remarkable.

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Alaska with 200mW WSPR

My first Alaska station KL7L who spoted my signal of 200mW on 20 meter tonight.

I now have a separate mono end fed antenna in the front yard for 20m WSPR. It does very well there. My 3 band end fed antenna for 10-20 and 40 meters hangs in the backyard.

Propagation on 20 meter is good around 22 UTC

Almost every evening the propagation towards the USA at 20 meters is very good between 22 and 23 UTC. With my 200 mW and only an end fed antenna for 20 meters I get quite a few spots from the east coast with WSPR.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Nice spots with WSPR

It's summer time, so I'm taking it easy. In the meantime working on WSPR on 20 meters 200mW. 

Yesterday 2 nice spots with WSPR 200mW. 

FY5KE French Guiana (7393 km) Radio Amateurs Club de Kourou and 9Z4FV Trinidad and Tobago (photo) (7488 km) 

FT8 on 17 meter