Thursday, October 16, 2014


                                                 QRSS signals on 30 meter  with WSJT-X.

QRSS is a mode for the deaf. It is very odd to see CW and do not hear it. Decipher what’s on the image. I think WSPR is the new beaconing system what can replace QRSS. Today I use QRSS VD on 30 meter, then I thought why not use WSJT-X? Wow, WSJT-X is very good for QRSS. I use photo software to turn the picture 90 degrees. But after 2 hours I was finished with QRSS. I can use 50 mW or less with WSPR too. I can see immediately where my signal is spotted with a report.

Tonight 20 meter was in a great shape. Only South America was a blank spot.

Update 21z: WSPR on 80 m [5 watt] best spot by OH8GKP 1794 km. I was also spotted by Roger G3XBM with -21dB, I heard him with 1 watt too [-29dB]

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sound from Space

Did you ever hear the sound from space? Beautiful electromagnetic vibrations, transferred for our ears. What a nice space ambient sound.

Today I saw propagation was poor. Nevertheless I turned on WSPR on 20 meters to see what happens. Wow, what a great propagation. Never belief all those applets for propagation. Always turn on the set and listen what’s out there.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

10 m great again

Again 10 meter is great. This morning spotted by VK7AB from Tasmania, Australia with just 1 watt WSPR. Now my antenna disconnected because of heavy thunderstorms and lightning.

Egmond aan Zee om 10.30 UTC