Monday, September 1, 2014


Summer is over. Today the meteorological fall has started. We had a lot of rain in August. But prospects for the coming 14 days are pretty good. A little summer returns. Yesterday I saw that PE4BAS Bas did a good job on 6 meters. Update: Bas let me know that the frequency was wrong, it must be 15 meters. Something just went wrong after a Windows update.  

Update: I worked VK6IR Steve again on 12 meters at 09.29 UTC with JT65. I heard also BD0AAI (China) but he didn't hear me. HF conditions were fair. I like that kind of surprises on 12 meter.

WSPR on 20 meter this afternoon. I was spotted by ZL3DMH that's 18.668 km with 5 watts.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Northern light

Finally there was Aurora visible in the Netherlands. I saw a notification about aurora propagation on 2 meters last night. But I was too lazy to stay up and watch for aurora. I am not physical well. I do have a respiratory infection for 6 weeks now. Two antibiotics won’t help. Codeine does help anyway. But no further complaining; I do have a photograph of the aurora now.