Thursday, July 2, 2015

VK on 20 meter

We had a warm night, the warmest since ever. Yesterday temp was 33 C | 92 F. Today 31C. I was early on 20 meter this morning so I tried JT65 and called CQ. And… VK3BOB came back for me. The second part of the QSO was difficult because RD3AAD came right upon my frequency calling CQ DX. The day ended with thunderstorms.

Thursday, June 25, 2015


What about the LNR LD5? It looks nice.

The problems with big antennas.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Aurora, no not here

Yesterday there was a huge geo magnetic storm with S9 + 20db noise. Aurora level up to Kp 8,0 covered the Netherlands, but unfortunately at daytime with overcast and rain. No visible aurora or northern light. On 6 meter I tried several modes such as JT6M, ISCAT, JT65, WSPR and CW but no aurora activity / propagation here. Today WSPR on 20 meter but only 3 stations spotted me. So still poor conditions on HF.

In the middle of the screen probably airplane reflection.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

20 m in a good shape

Tonight WSPR on 20 meter with 5 watts and HyEndFed, with best DX New Zealand 18668 km.


“I have been spending time the last year or so working on a protocol (and implementation) with a few other developers that is an ambitious effort and one I think will be productive…it is called ARDOP for Amateur Radio Digital Open Protocol…” Read more >>>

Rick Muething, KN6KB developed a new digital called ARDOP. I am always curious about new things. But… there are a lot of digital modes out there. Will it survive? If I look at SIM31 which is pretty neat I think, better than the regular PSK31, but activity is very low and most of the time only on 20 meters. And that’s a pity. But nevertheless, I will follow this new ARDOP mode.